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theoutsiders - "Hey! We just received our mini-grant of $250 and wanted to thank @peacefirst!! Thank you!!! We are set and the date of our project is coming up close!! Pictures to come soon!!!"View
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SorayaPF - "@emmanuelgume wow great to have you here! As you are already a peace maker, what made you join our community?"View
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RaulPF - "@annestefanyk Welcome to the community! Can you tell us more about your interests and ideas that inspired you to join our community?"View
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pandapups1 - "@raulpf Hello! Sorry for the late response, but here is my business plan. My business plan focuses on what my organization, Diverse Gaming Coalition, will be doing in 2017 and our values as a non-profit. The […]"View
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TammyPF - "@brennan Hi Brennan – I think this project could really benefit from your contributions and ideas – can you please check it out and offer some suggestions: […]"View
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