This form is for teams that registered to be part of the Peace First Challenge made possible by the Allstate Foundation. If you did not register a team but still want to create a project, you can use our project creation page. This form will help you explain to others the steps you need, the time you need to implement them and the resources you want to make it happen. Please submit only one plan per team. You can also use these tools if you need help creating your plan.

Your Team

Your Project

For more detailed instructions on how to answer some of these questions, please use this tip sheet.







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Request for Funding

Complete this section if you are requesting funding.

Contact Person's Details

Select a contact person that we can share the outcome of the mini-grant process and coordinate payment with, if successful.

Eligibility and Agreement

Team members are between the ages of 13 - 24 years old.

All team members live in the United States of America if needing funding or you are outside of the US and do not need funding.

I agree to use these funds to complete the peacemaking project plan as described and by May 12 which is the deadline to submit our team's reflection.

I agree to use these funds as described in the request for funding by May 12 if requesting funding or I am not requesting funding.

I agree to maintain evidence of use of funds should I be asked to provide them to Peace First if I am requesting funding or I am not requesting funding.

I agree to submit to Peace First pictures and other documentation in my project page and to submit a reflection by May 12.