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Use the form below to submit your insight. Only one form is needed per team. These tools can help you choosing an injustice and these tools can help you developing an insight. Finally, remember to complete your Personal Development Tool and Team Effectiveness Tool.

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Once you know the problem you wish to tackle, the next step is to understand the issue in a deeper way to uncover a powerful solution. In a peacemaking project, the core to creating a solution is understanding other people’s positions, points of view to understand the complexity of a problem, its root causes, and possible solutions. This is a peacemaking insight – uncovering the root of a problem and creating a solution grounded in compassion – and it is what distinguishes a peacemaking project from other good efforts in the world.

Insight Image (see examples of insights images and statement). An insight image will help others meet your team and understand the insight you care about. For example, you can take a photo of your team holding a statement of your selected injustice.

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This statement will help others understand how you want to address your selected injustice. This will help others give you better feedback, as well.

Your final statement should read something like this:
"To solve the injustice of students in our school being bullied, we will address the lack of understanding of what it is like to be bullied by involving bullies and bullied students in a bullying awareness day".