Congratulations – you and your team made it to the reflection stage of the Peace First Challenge! This means you all have completed the Act stage and your team has done real peacemaking work and made a difference in your community. YOU ALL ARE PEACEMAKERS!

Now, to complete the Peace First Challenge, get a sweet certificate, and have your story told far-and-wide, we need you and your team to answer the following reflection questions to get a better sense of how the peacemaking project went. And, if you and your team are interested in the Youth Innovation Summit: The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young Rally, where ten teams will receive $2,000 and come together to further develop their projects with a network of youth leaders, complete the final set of questions below.

Remember, while completing this reflection, please focus on what your team’s done in the last two months only, even if this project began before the Challenge. And keep in mind Peace First’s 3 C’s of Peacemaking – Courage, Compassion, and Collaboration. We need to understand how those tenants fit into your project to fully understand how it was peacemaking.

Please finish this Reflection stage by May 12th.

Your Team

We want to know more information about your team and its diversity.

African American
Asian American/Pacific Islander
Native American

Your Project

Your Reflection

Now that your team has implemented the plan, this is a time celebrate what happened, share what you have learned over the last two months, and imagine what could happen next. The reflection is also the last step in your team’s peacemaking journey and it makes your team eligible for the Youth Innovation Summit: The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young Rally in Chicago this summer!

Peacemakers recognize when something is unfair or not right, and work to address this injustice.

Impact: Impact is the result of your project. It shows the positive change in your community and captures how many people you are serving. It’s the proof of your team’s success, which can be both numbers and stories!

Compassion: Compassionate peacemakers notice when something is unfair, and they want to help. They reach out to people with different perspectives and identities to make lasting change, and they believe in the worth and dignity of everyone.

Courage: Peacemakers take personal risks to help others and to stand up for what they believe is right.

"Collaboration:Mobilizing others to create lasting positive change is an important part of any peacemaking project. Collaborative peacemakers develop a vision for what they can accomplish working together with other people, and they inspire others to get involved.

Part of your reflection is telling your team’s peacemaking story and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s your opportunity to write a novel in just a few images. Please share images of your team’s peacemaking in action, your successes and anything else that will help tell your team’s story.

Video is another great way to help tell your team’s peacemaking story! We’d like you to share a video that represents your team’s peacemaking experience - this can be selfie-style with you answering questions like the ones in this reflection tool, shots of your team in action, or anything else that you think represents your team’s work.


  1. Begin the video by introducing your team and the injustice you are addressing
  2. Think about light and sound! If you’re talking to the camera, you don’t want the sun to your back, otherwise you’ll get washed out
  3. Write down what you’re going to say before you film
  4. Be authentic!
  5. Have fun!
  6. Please keep videos 1 - 3 minutes long!

For the Youth Summit:

The following set of questions only needs to be completed if you and your team would like to be eligible for Youth Innovation Summit: The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young Rally in Chicago. Teams interested in this opportunity should plan on continuing their peacemaking project, as they will receive $2,000 to develop the work further AND one team will be selected to receive $10,000 for their pitch on what their project could become.

Please answer these questions thoughtfully, as they are important factors in the selection process for Youth Innovation Summit: The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young Rally.

Would your team like to be considered to attend the Youth Innovation Summit: The Allstate Foundation Good Starts Young Rally in Chicago from June 18th - 22nd?